Congregation Bonai Shalom
 Religious School

Ask the students of CBS’s Religious School what they like best about the school, and you will get many different answers.  That’s because our students are diverse and instruction is differentiated throughout the program with  a variety of activities that are designed to engage all kinds of learners.


Realizing that Jewish learning is lifelong, the building blocks of Hebrew, Talmud Torah, Mitzvot, Prayer, Traditions, Israel, and Celebrations begin with our youngest students.  Each year, the curriculum adds to student knowledge while building skills to ensure they feel proud and comfortable within their Jewish identity.

With the recognition that Jewish learning develops through individual challenge within the support of the community, we have a strong madrichim training program which brings our teens into the school to learn leadership skills, engage in Jewish education, and contribute to our younger students’ education through their role modeling. 20130220_172919  Parents are an integral part of the program providing much needed support  through the various volunteer opportunities that keep the school running and enriching the students’ education.

The teaching staff is diverse and highly knowledgeable both in Judaism and pedagogy.   Within their collaborative environment, the sharing of ideas, strategies, and experience helps provide the students with the best possible learning environment.

Curriculum Highlights

Bonai Shalom’s religious school education provides students and families with the tools to participate meaningfully in Jewish life and learning both in the school and beyond.  As such, it encompasses all aspects of Jewish life and learning such as life cycle events, Jewish History, T’filah (prayer), Tikkun Olam (social action), Jewish art and music, Israel, and the study of Torah.  The religious school education supports and encourages learning both in the home and in other areas of the student’s life, such as summer camp and extra-curricular activities.


School Hours:

  • Sunday:  Grades K-5, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Wednesday:  Grades 2-7, 4:10 to 6:10 pm
  •  Saturday:  Grades 6-7, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Shabbat Programming:

  • Jr. Congregation (Students in grades 3-5) – 1st Shabbat of each month
  • Shabbat Shelanu (families with children ages 0 to 5) – 2nd and 4th Shabbat of each month
  • Shabbat B’Yachad (families with children in K-3) – 3rd Shabbat of each month

Come and see the school.  Talk to Karen Raizen, the Director at 303-442-6605, x 1104. Email: