COVID-19 & our community

Congregation Bonai Shalom’s leadership is monitoring the recommendations and instructions of health care professionals and experts around slowing the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to make decisions about the closure of our shul based on those recommendations.

While difficult for all of us, we’re most concerned for those immuno-compromised members, and those who might be self-quarantined, isolated, or homebound. We’re organizing a team of volunteers to support members in our community who need extra support.

Please fill out this form to let us know if you have skills or time to share or if you need support such as phone calls, meals, shopping, etc. Please let us how we might support you and we will do what we can. Stay healthy.  

Update 3/12/20 6:34 p.m.



These are very worrying times and it feels like we so need to be together in community; and yet the responsible wisdom right now is to avoid social contact and larger gatherings, which is a complicated paradox.  As always, our health, safety, and security comes above anything else and we need individually and collectively to make thoughtful choices, even as the information changes almost hourly.  

We, like many other places of worship, are moving towards suspending or significantly limiting all of our services and programs and will keep everyone regularly updated.

Shabbat Hebrew School at Bonai Shalom will be closed from this Shabbat until after Passover and our weekday program will continue online, with more information to follow shortly.

Shabbat Services:  this Shabbat we will have a small, simple service with Torah reading, but without the planned Gun Violence Prevention programming, at 9:30 am. THERE WILL BE NO FOOD SERVED.  We strongly, strongly encourage, according to the medical guidelines, anyone over 60 or anyone with even very mild symptoms of illness to stay at home.  Our sources tell us that each person at prayer has a space of daled amot (four cubits, approximately one meter) all around them for personal, spiritual space.  We ask that we keep a reasonable distance from each other for physical and spiritual reasons,  and, as previously stated, avoid handshakes, hugs, kisses and kissing of ritual items.

After this Shabbat, Bonai Shalom will effectively be closed until further notice, but we will send regular updates of some limited programming and services, along with opportunities to meet, gather and learn online and in other forums. Until we are able to livestream our services here is a list of Conservative congregations who are currently streaming.

Hesed –  in these times where some in our community will need extra help and assistance during this uncertainty, we are working to increase ways in which we can take care of each other, and there will be some updates early next week for opportunities to volunteer.

Jewish communities throughout the world have always had the creativity, resilience, and flexibility to thrive in all kinds of circumstances and we will certainly get through this.  

As well as continuing the descriptions of the building of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle or Sanctuary in the wilderness), this week’s Torah portion (Ki Tissa) also tells the story of the golden calf. As Reb Bracha of Nevei Kodesh taught Boulder’s rabbis earlier today, sometimes the golden calf is our attachment to forms and rituals that we know and cherish. This moment calls for us to create sanctuary, safe and sacred space of community, in different ways and we thank you all for your patience and participation in forming that.

Here is a link to Boulder County’s Covid 19 guidelines. 

Here is a link to The Rabbinical Assembly Resources: Refer to the Rabbinical Assembly Paper that covers the case of an individual who can’t make it to an existing minyan, and visit their webpage on halakhic guidance on coronavirus protocols. 


Please be vigilant, safe and cautious and please look out for future updates and resources.

Wishing everyone in this beautiful Bonai family a Shabbat Shalom