Bonai Shalom Legacy Society

The majesty of the Rocky Mountains and the opportunity to live an active and fulfilling life in a beautiful place draws many of us to the Boulder Valley and to Bonai Shalom. We understand the challenge of building a life where we have few if any, immediate family nearby. Part of our identity is our Jewish heritage and the desire to be part of an extended family. Over three decades ago, our founding members established a humble community synagogue, to observe and share meaningful Jewish traditions, where all would be warmly welcomed. People come to find each other, connect, relax and feel at home and among family. Each year, Congregation Bonai Shalom takes an active role in enriching the lives of those new to the area, and those continuing their life journey here.

Together, as a diverse, egalitarian, extended family, we share and celebrate holidays, lifecycle events, cultural, spiritual and social functions, and are there for each other in difficult times. We follow rich and recognizable traditional liturgy, with vibrancy and innovation through creativity, spirited singing, commentary and discussion that relates to living in the modern world. The Torah is at the core of our learning, and we educate across the generations. We lay a firm groundwork for our youth to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Judaism and offer an abundance of appealing, popular educational opportunities for adults.

There are many ways we connect and contribute to building a kehillah kedoshah – a sacred community. We recognize the importance that Jewish values, especially Tikkun Olam, respect for the earth and environment, and social justice, can have in living a richer life and encourage all to find the path that speaks to them. We appreciate our Jewish heritage and our relationship to the State of Israel. We take an interest in each other’s life experiences and value open and respectful dialog. Perhaps foremost, at Bonai Shalom we meet some of the dearest friends of our lives and share varied experiences.

Our Legacy donors are community members like you who want to assure that the meaningful experiences they have in Colorado and at Bonai Shalom will be available to others in the future, as we say in our prayers, l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation. Please join us!  Click HERE for more information.

Thank you to Rose Community Foundation and Harold Grinspoon Foundation for their support and leadership through Live On: Build Your Jewish Legacy, an initiative of Rose Community Foundation, and LIFE & LEGACY™, a partnership program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.