Tisha b’Av 5776 – Services of Commemoration


Date(s) - August 13 2016 - August 14 2016
7:59 pm - 8:28 pm


Saturday August 13th
Together with Kehillat Orot Yisrael we will daven maariv, our evening service, by the creek, sing together and read Eicah in our sanctuary by candlelight on the floor, followed by other readings and reflections.
7.59 pm – Fast begins
9 pm– Maariv service
9:30 pm– Candle light reading of Eicha (Lamentations) followed by traditional and contemporary readings and reflections.
Sunday August 14th
9:00 am  Shacharit, followed by readings and reflections
(no tallit and tefillin)
7 pm Mincha, Maariv and break fast.
(Tallit and tefillin are worn at mincha)
Fast ends at 8.28pm