Celebrate Purim with your family, friends, & community! Purim begins Wednesday night, February 28 and continues through Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Pre-Party!
February 25, 4:00pm-6:00pm – Bonai Shalom
All Ages Purim Masquerade Ball

Let’s bring in Purim a little earlier this year with Bonai Shalom’s first Purim Masquerade ball! Dress up as fancy or as creative as your heart desires. Go crazy -it’s Purim! You can also dress up as your favorite Purim character – Esther, Mordechai, Vashti, King Ahasuerus, Haman, or any other citizen from the city of Shushan. We will have an epic, never-before-seen at Bonai Shalom dance party with our amazing DJ. There will be a parade, dancing, music powered by biking and some surprises! Don’t miss this incredible event for young and old. We want to see the whole community shake their stuff. Suggested donation is $5 per person.


Erev Purim, The Party!

February 28, 2018 – Join Congregation Bonai Shalom for a Purim celebration!
Co-sponsored by Congregation Nevei Kodesh.

4:45 pm – 5:30 pm Purim Mitzvah Mania!

Fulfill the mitzvot of Purim with Bonai Shalom. Make graggers/noisemakers for the Megillah reading, Make masks & crowns for the Costume Parade, Decorate, fill, and give mishloach manot to your friends, Give Matanot L’Evyonim – tzedakah and eat hamantaschen! Stick around until 5.30pm for Costume Parade and special family-friendly Megillah reading done with shadow puppets – made and presented by Bonai Shalom students!

6:30pm – Maariv 

6:45pm – The Full Megillah
Listen to the full Megillah with interpretive accompaniment from shadow puppets and shtick-makers.

Erev Purim, Adult Party!
8pm – Shtick and Nosh
Join us for (or contribute to) hilarity and good cheer, with shtick and spiels telling the Purim story… for our time!
Sign up for Shtick Here!

Purim! Shacharit & Megillah Reading
March 1 – Purim
7:00am – Shacharit 8:00am – Megillah Reading

3:30 Women’s Megillah Reading with Morah Yehudis

Members can pick their mishloach manot at all Bonai Shalom Purim Events. Let us know if you would like to help deliver boxes by emailing or calling the office at 303-442-6605!

How many of these Purim Mitzvot can you do on Purim this year?

1. Hear the Megillah, The Book of Esther! This reading recounts the story of Purim, and is a fun, interactive family event. Bonai’s Megillah readings are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, February 28, 6:45 pm
  • Thursday, March 1, 8:00 am

2. Matanot LaEvyonim, gifts to the poor. The story of Esther emphasizes the need for Jewish unity and compassion. We give food and money directly to those in need, or donate to organizations that help, in order to be like Esther and Mordachai and work for the common good. Suggestions how you can fulfill this mitzvah:

  • Give out care packages or gift cards to homeless people
  • Donate money to Bonai for distribution among families in need in the Jewish community
  • Make an online donation to Community Food Share or EFAA

3. Mishloach Manot, give treats to friends. We share our love of community and friends by sending a package of treats (food or beverage).

Every member family will receive a box and you can help fulfill the mitzvah by delivering boxes to other families. Email or call the office at 303-442-6605 if you’d like to help deliver boxes! This is also Bonai Shalom’s only FUNdraiser of the year. Watch your email for details on how to participate.

4. Seudah, a festive meal. No Jewish holiday is complete without a feast! Start early, and celebrate into the night with family, friends, and other guests. The Purim story features several feasts, and we are expected to partake in one to celebrate Purim.