Tisha B’Av

Tisha B’Av services are hauntingly beautiful and evocative in language and melodies, even though they reflect the darkest day on our calendar, as the commemoration of the destruction of the first and second temples in Jerusalem and other horrors of our history. It is a fast day and the quality of mourning carries a depth of introspection as we reflect on our broken world. There is a deep power to allowing our personal and collective grief to be experienced and shared in community.

Please join us at Bonai Shalom for Tisha B’Av, the Fast of the Ninth of Av

July 21, 9.30 pm – Tisha B’Av Maariv, Eicha, and Kinot

8:25 pm – Fast begins

9.12pm – End of Shabbat

9:30 pm – Maariv, followed by the reading of Eicha (Lamentations) along with teachings and reflections, as well as Kinot, traditional and contemporary liturgical poems and readings.

July 22nd – Tisha B’ Av Services

8 am – Shacharit and special readings (note: we do not wear tallit or tefillin in the morning of Tisha b’Av), followed by some readings and reflections on the day

5 pm – Movies and discussion in Rabbi Marc’s basement

8 pm – Mincha with the special Torah and Haftarah readings (we wear tallit and tefillin at mincha), and maariv and simple break fast.

8:55 pm Fast Ends.